Y2K goth pants

  • The Y2K goth pants

    These pants are a true homage to the gothic trend of the 2000s, which was marked by black clothing, leather shoes, spiky accessories and skull motifs. The Y2K goth pants are a perfect fusion of this gothic aesthetic and current urban fashion.

    Made from high quality materials, these pants are built to last. Their design includes neat details such as chains, straps and buckles, as well as convenient pockets to store your stuff.

    We drew inspiration from streetwear and alternative subcultures to create this unique design. We worked hard to combine the iconic elements of gothic style with current urban fashion trends to create a look that is both bold and contemporary.

    With Y2K goth pants, you can express your individuality while staying on top of the fashion world. So go ahead and add them to your wardrobe now!

    The features Y2K goth pants :

    • Material: COTTON
    • Elasticity: Not Expandable 
    • Style: Streetwear Y2K 
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Closure Type: button fly