Distressed Skimask

  • The Kekra Hood

    The Kekra Balaclava is an ultra-trendy piece of Y2K streetwear. This balaclava is in the same style as the one worn by Kekra in the Iverson music video. Crafted from cotton and polyester, it's soft and breathable to feel comfortable and stylish. The Kekra balaclava also features an ergonomic rear hood for a snug fit and a pocketed outer covering for a unique and distinctive look. Side seams and eyelet vents will keep you comfortable while keeping your look timeless. The Kekra balaclava is perfect for Y2K streetwear lovers looking for unique and inspiring pieces.

    • Material:COTTON
    • Balaclava Type
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Size: Single